The MediSys Health Network Receives Seven Healthgrades Awards for Specialty Care

Healthgrades, a leading resource that connects consumers, physicians and health systems, recently recognized Jamaica and Flushing Hospital Medical Center as top-performing hospitals.

Both facilities were presented with Healthgrades 2021 Specialty Excellence Awards™ and received recognition as one of America’s Best 100 Hospitals™ within their nominated categories. These honors are reserved for hospitals that consistently deliver superior patient outcomes in one or more of 16 key service areas.

Each year, Healthgrades evaluates the performance of nearly 4,500 hospitals; however, only the top 5% or 10% within each specialty area are recognized as Healthgrades Specialty Excellence Award™ recipients or identified as an America’s Best 100 Hospitals™ nominee.

The MediSys Health Network received a total of seven awards. Jamaica hospital was presented with five awards in the following categories:

  • America’s 100 Best Hospitals -Stroke Care Excellence
  • Cranial Neurosurgery Excellence
  • Neurosciences Excellence
  • America’s 100 Best Hospitals -Coronary Intervention Excellence
  • Pulmonary Care Excellence

Flushing Hospital received two awards for:

  • America’s 100 Best Hospitals -General Surgery Excellence
  • Pulmonary Care Excellence

According to Healthgrades, patients are paying attention more than ever to the clinical performance of hospitals, and are constantly seeking information as to where they can get the best care. “The Healthgrades analysis shows that not all hospitals perform equally, so it is important that consumers do their homework when selecting a hospital,” said Healthgrades’ chief strategy officer Evan Marks. “Those hospitals that have achieved the Healthgrades distinction have demonstrated a commitment to exceptional clinical quality care over an extended period of time.”

Jamaica and Flushing Hospital have demonstrated that they are healthcare institutions patients can rely on for delivering the highest quality care. Both hospitals have received numerous awards and recognitions based on clinical excellence as well as their commitment to safety and a positive patient experience.


Jamaica Hospital Receives Top Honors From The American Heart Association And The American Stroke Association

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center has received top honors from the American Heart Association (AHA) / American Stroke Association (ASA) “Get with the Guidelines” and “Mission: Lifeline” programs.

According to the AHA/ASA, “Get With The Guidelines®/ Mission: Lifeline® puts the unparalleled expertise of the American Heart Association® to work for hospitals nationwide. We help ensure patients receive care that’s aligned with the latest research-based guidelines supported by the latest scientific evidence.”

By complying with the strict requirements established by the AHA/ ASA, Jamaica Hospital has earned the:

  • Get With The Guidelines®- Stroke Gold Plus with Honor Roll Elite and Target: Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll Achievement Award- To qualify for this recognition, Jamaica Hospital met quality measures developed with more than 90 % of compliance for 12 consecutive months for the “Overall Diabetes Cardiovascular Initiative Composite Score.
  • Get With The Guidelines-Heart Failure Gold Plus Quality Achievement Award- Qualifications for this award included meeting specific quality achievement measures for the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure patients at a set level for a designated period. These measures include evaluation of the proper use of medications and aggressive risk-reduction therapies.
  • Mission: Lifeline® Bronze Receiving Quality Achievement Award- This award was earned by implementing specific quality improvement measures outlined by the American Heart Association for the treatment of patients who suffer severe heart attacks.

Research has shown that hospitals adhering to clinical measures through the Get with the Guidelines quality improvement initiative can often see fewer readmissions and lower mortality rates.

Jamaica Hospital is proud that heart health initiatives it has implemented to care for the community have earned the recognition of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. The hospital upholds a high standard of excellence and makes providing patient-centered healthcare a top priority.

Murals Celebrate Jamaica and Flushing Hospital’s Superheroes

Displayed on a wall in Flushing Hospital’s ER and Jamaica Hospital’s main lobby are murals that pay tribute to healthcare workers.

The large, 4’x8’ paintings were sponsored by Maspeth Federal Savings and created by several artists from the non-profit organization Splashes of Hope to thank our hospital frontline workers for their sacrifice in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Painted in vibrant colors, each piece beckons visitors to stop and admire artistic portrayals of frontliners as superheroes.

The murals which took two months to complete also features the words “Thank You” in 13 different languages, a rainbow to symbolize unity, and a cardinal to honor the lives lost to the pandemic.  In the background stands the Queens Unisphere, one of the most iconic and beloved structures in our borough.

The MediSys Health Network is incredibly grateful to have received these beautiful murals. We thank Maspeth Federal Savings and Splashes of Hope for honoring our staff and celebrating their courage.

As our community moves forward, the murals will serve as a reminder of one of the most challenging times in history. However, they will also remind us how Jamaica and Flushing Hospital’s superheroes bravely confronted those challenges to care for many lives affected by the outbreak.

MediSys Reopens & Successfully Transitions To The ‘New Normal’ In Healthcare

In response to the consistent decline in COVID-19 cases and admissions, New York City has begun to strategically reopen businesses and facilities.

As our City moves forward, The MediSys Health Network has reopened several healthcare services to meet the needs of patients. This includes among others, the Wound Care Center at Flushing Hospital and the Ophthalmology Department at Jamaica Hospital; as well as the Psychiatry Departments, Radiology, Women’s Health, Outpatient Rehabilitation and Ambulatory Care Centers at both hospitals.  The Network will also resume elective surgeries, as the order to halt these types of procedures was recently lifted in all five boroughs by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

In preparation for the reopening of services, MediSys has implemented strict safety measures in accordance with CDC guidelines to protect the health of patients, visitors and employees. Safeguards include offering patients the option of pre-registering remotely to avoid spending unnecessary time in waiting areas, limiting appointment schedules to avoid overcrowding, screening all patients upon arrival for COVID-19  symptoms, frequently sanitizing areas and requiring patients and hospital staff to wear appropriate PPE.

In addition to implementing the preceding initiatives, the MediSys Health Network is aiming to address many of the fears patients may have about seeking non-emergent care. This is being achieved by encouraging employees to inform patients about policies put in place to protect their health, and emphasizing “safety” in messaging shared across each hospital’s websites, newsletters and social media platforms.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way the hospital industry delivers healthcare services, the MediSys Health Network embraces what can potentially be the ‘new normal’ with great confidence.  As the Network progresses, our focus on providing the highest quality patient care will always remain constant. It is this philosophy that has helped our hospitals to successfully overcome challenges and continue to be trusted healthcare institutions in their communities.

MediSys Mental Health Team Departs to Puerto Rico

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently announced the deployment of 26 bilingual health professionals to Puerto Rico.

The Island was hit by a series of earthquakes that occurred nearly every day for several weeks.  The quakes have left thousands of people displaced and many are fearful of returning to their homes.

Natural disasters of this magnitude can greatly affect a survivor’s mental health.   It is common for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder to develop after such events.

In response to the great need for mental health support in Puerto Rico, the MediSys Health Network delegated six employees from Jamaica Hospital’s Mental Health Department to serve on a team deployed by the Greater New York Hospital Association(GNYHA).  Dedicating their time and expertise to this mission are Attilio Rizzo, Jr., Director, Psychiatric Social Work (Administrative Team Lead); Martha Edelman, M.D., Psychiatrist (Clinical Team Lead); Frank Lopes, Social Worker; Denise Osorto, Psychotherapist; Alberto Palomino, Clinical Manager and Jennifer Santos, Psychologist.

The MediSys Health Network team members were invited to attend a special press conference coordinated by the office of Governor Cuomo during which he shared the objectives of the GNYHA deployment to Puerto Rico. According to the Governor,  “Mental health professionals will be integrated into the work of the Puerto Rican Mental Health Agency- the Mental Services Administration Health and Addiction- and deploy to shelters in Guanica, Guayanilla and Ponce.”  The collective goal is to address the long-term mental health issues that can affect residents, especially children.

Jamaica Hospital’s mental health team departed for Puerto Rico on Monday, February 3rd and is scheduled to return on Monday, February 10th.  “Our team is proud to serve on this mission and hope that by supporting the victims, we can help them to recover from these traumatic events and rebuild their lives” shared Anthony Maffia, Jamaica Hospital’s Vice President of Psychiatry.


Jamaica Hospital’s Urban Integrative Healthcare Plan and Vision

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center is proud to announce that it will be joining some of the nation’s leading medical institutions in adopting an integrative approach to healthcare.  The hospital officially launched its Urban Integrative Healthcare Plan which will be implemented in several phases.

The Urban Integrative Healthcare Plan aims to provide a patient-centered and holistic healthcare experience by making patients active partners in their care and empowering them with the tools needed to make informed decisions about their physical, mental and emotional health.  Each patient will work with a dedicated integrative healthcare team to identify goals and challenges; for which an individualized wellness plan will be created that combines evidence-based approaches in conventional, complementary and alternative medicine.  Comprehensive wellness plans can include medication, mental health counseling, nutrition counseling, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, meditation or reiki.

“Our main objective is to treat the whole person; mind, body, and spirit. This is achieved by exploring all aspects that may affect a person’s health.  This includes mental, social, spiritual, lifestyle and environmental factors. We want to go beyond just treating symptoms and offer patients therapies and resources that will improve their quality of life, prevent diseases and promote wellness long term,” shared Dr. Alan Roth, Jamaica Hospital’s Chair of Family Medicine and Ambulatory Care.

To achieve the goals established under the Urban Integrative Healthcare Plan, Jamaica Hospital has developed a series of programs that focus on educating healthcare practitioners and patient navigators on the concept of integrative health.   Education consists of Whole Person Health, HOPE Note and Personal Health Inventory training as well as Grand Rounds led by integrative health pioneers such as Dr. Wayne Jonas.

Jamaica Hospital will also develop a program that offers whole-person, patient-centered healthcare throughout its entire network.  Integrative healthcare philosophies and approaches will be practiced in the hospital’s ambulatory care centers and clinical departments.

“In the near future, we hope to offer our community a Neighborhood Health Station, a central space where patients can take advantage of all the integrative health services we will provide. We foresee having designated areas for nutrition counseling and healthy cooking classes, legal health services, mental health counseling, social services, a gym facility as well as an urgent care center.  Ultimately, we want to provide a place for our community to come together and focus on healing,” said Dr. Roth.

Dr. Roth speaks more on integrative healthcare at Jamaica Hospital in this video:



Respiratory Care Week at the MediSys Health Network

Last month, Jamaica and Flushing Hospital Medical Center celebrated Respiratory Care week by hosting a series of educational events.

Both hospitals aimed to raise awareness of various lung diseases such as COPD and asthma, and inform their communities about practices utilized by respiratory therapists to treat these issues. Members of each hospital’s Respiratory Care Department also demonstrated how to operate several respiratory devices.

The Respiratory Care Department at Jamaica Hospital conducted demonstrations and displayed educational materials in the hospital’s cafeteria.  Guests and staff participated in interactive exercises in which they learned about the life-saving services respiratory therapists provide. The week ended with an asthma education and device training session for healthcare professionals that included residents, pharmacists, case managers and nurses.  Devices such as meter dose inhalers, spacers and peak flow meters were demonstrated to attendees.

Flushing Hospital celebrated Respiratory Care Week by hosting workshops for therapists throughout the week. The Respiratory Care Department also displayed educational boards in the hospital’s main lobby and engaged guests in trivia that included interesting respiratory facts and the history of respiratory care.

Respiratory care therapists play a vital role in the community and MediSys Health Network’s healthcare team.  They deliver care in various medical settings throughout the network including ICU’s, sleep centers, outpatient clinics, pulmonary clinics and operating rooms. Each day, respiratory therapists work side-by-side with doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners to ensure that patients receive excellent care.

In The News: Flushing Hospital’s Dr. Chad P. Gehani Elected President of The American Dental Association

Founded in 1859, the American Dental Association (ADA) is our nation’s oldest and largest dental association.  For more than 150 years the organization has been known nationally and internationally as the leading resource for all things related to oral health. Many of the oral care guidelines we are familiar with today were established by the American Dental Association and hundreds of dental care products that we use proudly bear the ADA’s Seal of Acceptance as a symbol of quality assurance.

Recently chosen to lead this globally recognized and influential American institution is Flushing Hospital Medical Center’s own Dr. Chad P. Gehani, Chair of Endodontics. Dr. Gehani was elected as the 156th President of the American Dental Association in September.

As President, Dr. Gehani describes his role as a servant-leader.   He will lead close to 200,000 members of the ADA while advocating for patients’ rights to access quality oral healthcare.

In addition to serving as President of the ADA, Dr. Gehani will continue to serve as a teacher and mentor to dental residents at Flushing Hospital.  “My religious place is teaching at the hospital,” shared Dr. Gehani in a recent interview with NY1 News.

“We are proud to have Dr. Gehani as Chair of Endodontics at Flushing Hospital and just as proud that he has been elected President of the American Dental Association.  Dr. Gehani abides by a strict code of ethics which is reflected in the work that he does.  He is community-oriented which is the culture promoted here at our hospital,” said Mr. Robert Levine, Executive Vice President and COO of Flushing Hospital. As Chair of Endodontics for the hospital, Dr. Gehani’s goal is to offer high-quality dental services to patients and provide resources that will benefit the community.

Each year, Flushing Hospital collaborates with the American Dental Association to promote the Give Kids a Smile Program, providing a day of free preventative dental care to children in the community.   The hospital’s dental department also offers free dental screenings, oral cancer screenings, and oral health education in schools, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and several local organizations.

Honoring A Son’s Legacy

One day in 2016, Jacqueline Messina received a phone call no mother wants to receive.  Her son Anthony was in the ICU and she needed to come to Jamaica Hospital.

When she arrived she couldn’t believe her eyes. Anthony was sedated and on a ventilator. He was not the 24-year-old boisterous young man she knew; he was unresponsive. While they hoped and prayed daily with Father Andre that he would wake up and return to his family after rehabilitation, the prognosis grew worse as the days past.  His brain injuries were escalating versus improving.  The hospital’s Palliative Care team came to visit her in the ICU and she completely went silent.  Jacqueline had no idea what the words “palliative care” even meant.

“It was an extremely difficult moment for our family. Who anticipates palliative and hospice care? We sat his brothers down and explained the next steps, but in our hearts, we were still confused about how his life was ending, a parent never imagines this.” One additional factor was Anthony’s grandmother.  “They were so close and she was diagnosed with breast cancer the day of his accident,” shared Jacqueline.  “I remember us trying to be strong for her despite my heart breaking because I was worried about how losing Anthony would affect her health and upcoming treatment.”

“I am not sure we could have endured this experience on our own. Thankfully we had the support of everyone on Jamaica Hospital’s hospice unit. They did so much to help my husband and boys as well as Anthony’s grandmother. They made sure the rest of our family and friends were well cared for,” she said.

Hours before his passing, Anthony was admitted to Jamaica Hospital’s Ferrara Family Center for Hospice Care after being transferred from the ICU.  Jacqueline did not know what to expect,   “I was anxious at first.  I must have asked a million questions.”

Jacqueline’s anxieties subsided when she was greeted by a warm staff that addressed her concerns and treated her with compassion. They ensured her that Anthony was in good hands and they would do everything they could to make him comfortable. “The level of service we received was outstanding. The staff did more than what was needed during his time with us and after. They were amazing,” said Jacqueline.

Jacqueline Messina

The staff’s devotion to Anthony and his family inspired Jacqueline to give back. She donates to the hospice every year in honor of her son’s legacy.  “When Anthony died, I wanted to make sure others had the same comfort that he did.  This is why I work hard every year to accumulate volunteer hours of which my company Bloomberg L.P.  converts into funds for charity.  The program is called “Dollars for Your Hours” and I proudly support the Ferrara Family Center for Hospice Care with this gift,” shared Jacqueline.

The Ferrara Family for Hospice Care provides comfort care for those with life-limiting illnesses. Great pride is taken by their staff in providing patients and families with quality medical services as well as the emotional and spiritual support needed to help them through a challenging time.

To donate to the Ferrara Family Center for Hospice Care, please visit

Giving Patients The Gift of Reading

Improving overall patient experience is a top priority for the Person-Centered Services Department at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.  The department has implemented several quality assurance initiatives and is constantly exploring new ways to bolster patient satisfaction.

One of their newest initiatives involves providing patients with an escape from clinical environments by way of reading.  “We want patients to feel relaxed and take their minds away from what may be a stressful situation.  Books will help them to transcend to any place their imaginations will take them,” explains Emilia Escamilla-Rebaza, Director of  Person-Centered Services. “We are collecting new and gently used books and magazines. All will benefit the patients and family members of our hospital.”

Donations can be dropped off at the Jamaica Hospital A/B Building room 535 or in the drop box located in the hospital’s admitting office.

For questions, please contact Person-Centered Services at 718-206-8798 or email