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Jamaica Hospital Hosts Art Exhibit and Reception in Celebration of Creative Arts Therapy Week

Mar 12,2015

March 12, 2015 (Jamaica, NY) — Jamaica Hospital Medical Center will be raising awareness on the importance of utilizing art in the treatment of mental illnesses and celebrating National Creative Arts Therapy Week by displaying the anonymous works of patients. The reception takes place on March 16th 2015 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and the exhibit will continue to show through March 20th.
<br>The hospital will transform the lobby in its A-B building into a gallery-style display which will chronicle each patient’s journey during treatment. Fifty to seventy five pieces of art will be showcased and each will tell a story of realization, discovery, acceptance or a moment of breakthrough. The exhibit includes portraits, sketches, illustrations and mandalas. Mandalas are circular designs that are symbolic of an individual’s path through life or a reflection of their state of mind.
<br>Art has been used as a medium for self-expression and in the treatment for mental illness for many years. World-renowned artists such as Vincent Van Gogh were known to struggle with mental illness and have famously used art to communicate their experiences. Patients often begin therapy feeling unhappy, conflicted or isolated but by creating art they are able to share their feelings, engage with therapists and begin the process of recovery.
<br>Creative arts therapy encourages self- exploration, helps organize emotions and has a profoundly positive effect on mental well-being. It is for these reasons and others that this form of therapy has been an integral part of the Department of Psychiatry at Jamaica Hospital for nearly 20 years. “It is important to raise awareness on how helpful art therapy is in treating mental illness. For some patients, it gives them purpose for others it can be life-changing,” stated Michelle Hololob LCAT at Jamaica Hospital. “There is still a stigma attached to mental illness, we are using art as a platform to disseminate that stigma,” added colleague Heather Grey LCAT.
<br>Jamaica Hospital Medical Center serves a population greater than 1.2 million in Queens and eastern Brooklyn. This 424-bed medical center is an accredited community teaching hospital with a large network of community-based ambulatory care centers. JHMC offers an array of acute inpatient, rehabilitation and mental health services, and is one of the busiest Level 1 trauma centers in New York City. The hospital provides general medical, pediatric and Ob/Gyn services. Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s mission is to serve patients and the community in a way that is second to none. For additional information, please contact Public Affairs at 718-206-6020.

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Copyright by Medisys Health Network 2024. All rights reserved.