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Local Hospital First in Boroughs To Use Breakthrough Breast Cancer Reconstruction Technology

Sep 27,2017

September 27, 2017 (Jamaica, NY) – Every year, close to 1,500 women living in Queens New York are diagnosed with breast cancer and within that group approximately 277 will lose their battle to the disease. These numbers are overwhelming for any woman who receives a breast cancer diagnosis. After receiving what can be shocking news, the journey to recovery begins and there will be difficult decisions needed to be made about care and treatment. These decisions can include opting for breast surgery and reconstruction. It is estimated that 100,000 women in the United States have surgery to remove a cancerous breast annually, with approximately 42 percent opting for reconstructive breast surgery following a mastectomy.
<br>As part of its efforts to educate women during Breast Cancer Awareness Month about statistics that impact their health and provide them with treatments that utilize technologically advanced tools for breast cancer care, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center is pleased to announce that it is the first hospital in the outer boroughs of New York City to offer the AeroForm Tissue Expander System to the community.
<br>The state of the art technology is used to aid in the breast reconstruction process following a mastectomy. The hospital’s team of surgeons successfully completed the first surgical case utilizing the device in September and will participate in a public education campaign to inform women about their options after surgery. “Securing viable resources for breast cancer treatment is a high priority for the hospital, as it has identified the disease as one of the medical conditions that significantly affects the population it serves,” said Dr. Sophie Bartsich, attending physician and board certified plastic surgeon at Jamaica Hospital.
<br>After a mastectomy, if a woman decides to receive breast reconstruction surgery that involves the use of implants, she must undergo tissue expansion to prepare a space for the units. Traditionally, the process included using expanders that required saline injections to stretch the tissue of the chest wall over several months. This method can be painful, time consuming and inconvenient; it also poses a higher risk for infection. For many patients, the thought of another painful breast procedure with a prolonged recovery time is a major barrier in deciding to receive breast reconstruction surgery.
<br>By providing the breakthrough technology of the AeroForm, Jamaica Hospital offers patients a more comfortable, convenient and time efficient experience. The benefits of the system include: completing tissue expansion in half the time and completing the reconstruction process approximately one month faster than the saline application. “AeroForm represents a significant step forward for breast reconstruction, as it not only offers patients enhanced comfort and convenience, but it also provides them with a sense of being in control of their breast cancer recovery journey,” explained Dr. Bartsich.
<br>Dr. Bartsich described how the device works, “The device is the first and only of its kind. It is activated by a handheld wireless controller that triggers a valve to release small amounts of carbon dioxide to the AeroForm up to three times a day to gradually stretch the tissue of the chest wall. With the simple push of a button on a palm-sized remote control, the programmed amount of carbon dioxide is delivered in seconds, allowing the patient to utilize the device from the comfort and convenience of home, minimizing the need for multiple visits to the doctor.”
<br>Jamaica Hospital is pleased to offer the innovative technology of the AeroForm to its population because of the benefits it will provide women during their battle with breast cancer. The hospital is a strong advocate for breast cancer awareness and participates in an ongoing campaign to educate the community about the disease.
<br>Jamaica Hospital Medical Center serves a population greater than 1.2 million in Queens and Eastern Brooklyn. This 408-bed medical center is an accredited community teaching hospital with a large network of community-based ambulatory care centers. JHMC offers an array of acute inpatient, rehabilitation and mental health services, and is one of the busiest Level 1 trauma centers in New York City. The hospital provides general medical, pediatric and Ob/Gyn services. Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s mission is to serve patients and the community in a way that is second to none. For additional information, please contact Public Affairs at 718-206-6020.

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Copyright by Medisys Health Network 2024. All rights reserved.