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Jamaica Hospital Designated an ACR Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence

Apr 12,2018

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center has recently been designated a Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence™ (DICOE) by the American College of Radiology (ACR).

This designation signifies that Jamaica Hospital has achieved the pinnacle of medical imaging care and implements the highest-quality imaging and diagnostic practices in many areas including, MRI, CT scan, nuclear medicine, mammography and ultrasound for both OB/GYN and breast care.

To achieve this distinction, Jamaica Hospital had to undergo a rigorous on-site inspection where all aspects of the Radiology Department’s operations were reviewed, including an inspection of the department’s equipment and technology as well as a review of its policies and procedures. Also included in the survey process was a roundtable discussion with staff that focused on how issues of communication and patient satisfaction are addressed.

In addition, the Radiology Department is now required to participate in the General Radiology Improvement Database (GRID) and the Dose Index Registry (DOI). The purpose of collecting and submitting data to these agencies is to “benchmark” our results against other facilities across the country.

Lastly, Jamaica Hospital radiologists and technologists also agreed to take a pledge to “Image Wisely” and “Image Gently,” which means they promise to use the least possible dosage to obtain the best images possible.

Jamaica Hospital, along with Flushing Hospital, are the only two Queens-based hospitals, and two of only a handful of hospitals in New York City to achieve this honor.

According to Radiology Chairperson, Sabiha Raoof, MD, “We are very proud to have achieved the Center of Excellence Designation, which demonstrates our hard work and exemplifies our high standards of offering the highest level of imaging quality, safety and care.”

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Copyright by Medisys Health Network 2024. All rights reserved.