MediSys Celebrates Social Work Month

In March, Jamaica and Flushing Hospital Medical Center celebrated Social Work Month by hosting a series of events that included bake sales, yoga sessions and educational demonstrations.

Social Work Month was created by the National Association of Social Workers to educate the public about the invaluable contributions of the profession.

Social workers play a vital role in delivering quality health care to patients at Jamaica and Flushing Hospital.  They monitor our patients’ stay from admission to discharge.  Upon admission, social workers help patients to avoid prolonged hospital stays by working with physicians to expedite tests or treatments. They provide counseling services for patients and families to help them adjust to changes and challenges they may face during hospitalization.  Before patients are discharged, social workers assess their needs to determine a plan for support services or follow up care.

Jamaica and Flushing Hospital recognizes social workers for their dedication to our patients. We applaud their hard work and thank them for their countless contributions to our community.

MediSys Celebrates National Doctors’ Day

In 1991, President George H.W. Bush signed a proclamation that recognized physicians for the work that they do. This day, now known as National Doctors’ Day, is celebrated on March 30th and was created to thank physicians for their tireless contributions to our well-being as a society.

This year, the MediSys Health Network celebrated this national observance by hosting a special breakfast to honor our doctors. On Wednesday, March 27th, doctors at Jamaica Hospital were treated to a feast and the following day, Flushing Hospital doctors received a morning meal in their honor. Both events were hosted by Bruce Flanz; President and CEO, Dr. Sabiha Raoof; Chief Medical Officer, and many other hospital administrators who all showed their appreciation to our physicians. In addition to being treated to a delicious breakfast, every doctor at both hospitals received a gift for their hard work and dedication.

The MediSys Health Network is grateful to the hundreds of physicians who work in many different areas and contribute to the wellness of the men, women, and children in our communities.

Veterans Honored at Flag Raising Ceremony at MediSys Clocktower

On Friday, March 22nd, a special flag raising ceremony was held at MediSys Clocktower in honor of the men and women who served bravely in the Vietnam War.

Senator Joseph Addabbo, who generously donated the flag, conducted the ceremony outside the Clocktower Building. The event was attended by Assemblyman Mike Miller, Councilmember Robert Holden, Deputy Inspector Courtney B. Nilan of the 102 Precinct, Police Officers from the 102 Precinct, Frank Gulliscio, District Manager of Community Board 6, as well as many local veterans who were grateful to be honored.

At the top of the Clocktower Building, which has been designated as a historical landmark, is a flagpole that sits at one of the highest points in the area. Since the medical center moved into the building over 20 years ago, Jamaica Hospital has been proud to have the American flag fly high above it.

The responsibility to raise the flag each time has been that of the center’s manager, Patrick Rudden. As he has done for many years, Mr. Rudden once again climbed to the top of the MediSys Clocktower Building to raise the flag to a delighted crowd’s applause.

Thanks to everyone who made this flag raising event such a special occasion.

The MediSys Health Network Welcomed Dr. Cara James to Recent Grand Rounds

On March 21, The MediSys Health Network had the honor of welcoming a very special guest conduct a grand rounds presentation for staff at Jamaica and Flushing Hospital.

Dr. Cara James, Director of Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) Office of Minority Health as well as the co-chair of the CMS Rural Health Council shared a very valuable presentation entitled “Achieving Health Equity through Increased Understanding, Sustainable Solutions, and Collective Action.” The purpose of the presentation was to educate the audience that healthcare disparities can occur due to many different factors including race, ethnicity, age, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or disability.

Understanding and addressing these disparities is very important for the MediSys Health Network, as Jamaica and Flushing Hospital serve a very diverse patient population. According to Dr. Sabiha Raoof, Chief Medical Officer of the MediSys Health Network, “Dr. James’ presentation helped our staff understand what healthcare disparities are, what their causes are, and what kind of education and training we can provide for our staff to begin our health equity and disparity reduction journey.”

There were over 100 attendees for the grand rounds presentation at Jamaica Hospital and an additional crowd who viewed it from Flushing Hospital via a live webcast. The audience was genuinely interested in the topic and asked many questions. Dr. James was even gracious enough to stay after her presentation to participate in a “brain storming” session with hospital leadership.

Everyone involved greatly appreciated Dr. James’ presentation and we look forward to her coming back in the future.

The MediSys Health Network Celebrates National Nutrition Month.

March was National Nutrition Month and Registered Dieticians across the MedISys Health Network participated in various educational activities for patients, employees and members of the community.

Patients and residents at Jamaica Hospital and Trump Pavilion received nutrition tips on their food trays every Tuesday and word searches to keep the mind healthy on Fridays. On March 13th the Nutrition Services Department celebrated Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day by hosting a health fair in the main lobby.

During the day, dietitians were on hand to distribute delicious snacks while providing nutrition education to hospital employees and visitors. Throughout the month there were cafeteria lunch specials and cooking demonstrations to promote healthy eating habits. Jamaica Hospital celebrated the conclusion of National Nutrition Month with an annual fitness event led by a certified personal trainer. The staff had the opportunity to get active and receive tips on their spring fitness routine while sampling healthy snacks.

At Flushing Hospital, outpatient dietitian, Laura Wang presented the importance of reading nutrition labels at two senior centers. She also hosted a healthy snack workshop at a local elementary school.

The inpatient dietitians all held nutrition-related events on their individual floors such as a “Dress Up Your Salad” presentation and a “MyPlate” presentation for the pediatric floor.  On National Registered Dietitian Day members of the Flushing Hospital team enjoyed a lunch and presentation on a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients with diabetes. Lastly, every week throughout the month employees were treated to Nutrition Tip Tuesdays.

The MediSys Health Network appreciates the very important service provided our Registered Dieticians and our entire Food Service Departments. Their efforts not only during the month of March but throughout the year, help improve the health of our employees, patients and community.

MediSys Celebrates Creative Arts Therapy Week

It is estimated that 40% of New Yorkers living with mental illnesses do not seek treatment because of the stigma attached.  Creative arts therapists at Jamaica and Flushing Hospital Medical Center brought light to this issue by hosting the “Drawing Bridges to Wellness” exhibit in March, in honor of Creative Arts Therapy Week.

The exhibit was held in each hospital’s main lobby and showcased over 70 pieces of art that illustrated the musings of patients and therapists participating in Jamaica and Flushing Hospital’s mental health programs.  The artists utilized a variety of mediums such as clay, oil paints, pastels and model magic to express their thoughts and chronicle their journeys to wellness.

Drawing Bridges to Wellness provided the community with a beautiful gallery to explore and served as a platform to raise awareness of mental health issues and destigmatize mental illness.   Many of the art pieces presented echoed the message that people should not feel ashamed about seeking help for mental health disorders.

The Department of Psychiatry further bolstered their efforts to raise awareness by showcasing the exhibit at the Queens Museum, after completing its run at Jamaica and Flushing Hospital. The artwork was displayed in the museum’s New York City building for thousands of guests to see.

Jamaica and Flushing Hospital have provided creative arts therapy to patients for close to 20 years.  This form of therapy encourages self- exploration and has a profoundly positive effect on mental and emotional well-being. Patients often begin therapy feeling unhappy, conflicted or isolated but by creating art they are able to engage with therapists and begin their journeys to wellness. Both hospitals are encouraging communities to take advantage of creative arts and other programs designed to treat mental health disorders.

Shape Up NYC at Flushing Hospital

In an effort to improve the overall wellness of our surrounding community and employees, Flushing Hospital Medical Center has partnered with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation’s, Shape Up NYC, to offer free core strengthening and circulation classes to everyone.

Jordan, a trained specialist in fitness who knows how to make exercise enjoyable for everyone leads the class.

According to Shape Up NYC, “this class includes core strengthening and circulation techniques to improve balance and improve intestinal health, dynamic and static stretching, calisthenics and plyometric bodyweight strengthening, Cardiovascular exercises, core-focused breathing postures to slow the mind and for a stronger body, and meditation.”

Class began on March 5th and will take place every Tuesday at 5:00 pm at the 5th Fl. Auditorium/Conference Room A, corner of 45th Avenue and Burling Street. Employees are encouraged to attend.

You can sign up at the time of attendance and please bring your own mat.

Patient Safety Awareness Week

March 10th through the 16th has been designated as National Patient Safety Awareness Week. In recognition of this observance, both Jamaica and Flushing Hospital had a full week of fun and educational activities planned. There was even a contest to see which department could decorate their doorways best with colorful hand cutouts.

To kick off the week both hospitals held an event in their lobbies on the first day. The event included interactive activities to test everyone’s safety knowledge by playing various games where participants had the opportunity to answer questions and to win prizes.

Throughout the week, employees were asked to take the “Hand Hygiene Pledge” and to demonstrate proper donning and doffing of personal protective equipment (PPE) which can eliminate the transmission of infectious disease.

The week culminated with a Hand Hygiene display contest. Departments were asked to decorate their area to demonstrate their commitment to hand hygiene. Many departments participated and winners were named. At Jamaica Hospital Medical Center the Human Resources department was selected as the winner and the OB/GYN department at Flushing Hospital Medical Center.

The theme of this year’s Patient Safety Awareness week was “See, Say, Do & Thank You”, which asked patients to not only notice and identify good safety practices but also do something by thanking those individuals when these practices are witnessed.

One of the most important factors in improving patient safety is practicing proper hand hygiene and both hospitals’ hand hygiene compliance rates are above national averages. Flushing Hospital had a 95% compliance rate and Jamaica Hospital boasted a 100% compliance rate.

Congratulations to all involved in making the hospitals a safe environment for our patients.

Congratulations To Jamaica Hospital’s Good Catch Recipients!

Join us in congratulating Dr. Roseline Jerome, Attending Anesthesiologist; Angel Riu, Pharmacist and  Dr. Alan Roth, Chairman Family Medicine on their Good Catch!

Every month, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center recognizes employees for their contributions to patient safety.

Employees who go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our patients are recognized and awarded a Certificate of Excellence for their Good Catch.

Good Catch nominees receive recognition based on their actions in preventing the potential harm of patients. These actions may include correcting a medication order, preventing a patient fall or reporting a significant change in patient status.

By identifying problems before they became patient safety issues, our nominees have helped Jamaica Hospital to improve our quality in patient care.

To our Good Catch recipients, thank you for being exemplary members of our team and contributing to our goal of being a High-Reliability Hospital.


To report a Good Catch, email Letha Walters, PI Director at,  or call her at ext. 8409 and leave a message.

Jamaica Hospital Receives HANYS Community Benefit Spotlight

A recent article published in the New York Times reported that one of the most frequent causes of death among older adults is complications from a fall.  The article revealed that “Every 19 minutes in this country an older person dies from a fall.”

On a local level, data collected by Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s Emergency Department supported these findings.  It was found that of the hospital’s 770 fall-related trauma cases recorded between January and November 2018; senior citizens accounted for 68% of incidents.

In an effort to address this critical issue, Jamaica Hospital’s Trauma Division launched a series of Fall Prevention Workshops in surrounding communities with the highest concentration of falls.

The workshops were held at senior centers and covered a wide range of topics from identifying fall risk factors to home safety strategies.   By utilizing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries falls risk self-assessment survey, Jamaica Hospital was able to identify seniors that were at a moderate to high risk of falling and make recommendations.  Program participants were also encouraged to speak with their physicians about better managing their risk of falling.

Jamaica Hospital’s Fall Prevention Workshops were well received by the community.  In total,  over 20 senior centers and 700 older adults participated in the program.  The Healthcare Association of New York State (HANYS) highlighted the program as part of its Community Benefit Spotlight.   The hospital was recognized for facilitating this much-needed initiative and fostering a relationship with the community that will greatly benefit its senior population.

Click here to read more about HANYS’ Community Benefit Spotlight.